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Help Topic: How to Post a Request

To request your free graphic, here's what you do:
-Create an account on LogoBogo.
-Read the rules of the site, this is very important!
-Head to the forums by clicking "Requests" at the top.
-Scroll to the "Requests" area and select Logos or Banners.
-Click "Start New Topic" at the top right part of the forum.

In order to give you the graphic you need, we require that you give the designers the following information in your post:

1) What size graphic you will need. If you are not sure, see our sizing guide application available on the Create New Topic page.

2) What the text on your graphic should say, as well as any secondary text. Please type this EXACTLY as you would like it. If you need all capital letters, please say so. Also, you might want to double check your spelling. If your request is misspelled, it's likely your graphic will be as well.

3) Tell us who your target audience is, as well as the feeling your logo would like to convey. Any suggestions on color schemes, certain elements you want or absolutely don't want, or any additional information that would be helpful to the designers. Remember, the more information you give, the better your logo will be.

4) A link to the website, when possible, where the graphic will be used. Sometimes a graphic artist will get a good idea of what you might need based on the website.

Please keep in mind that the contributors to this site are volunteering their time and talent, and in many cases are professional designers. We cannot read minds, so do not say "I need a logo for DJ John" and leave it at that. Give us more information! Do not take advantage of our kindness by posting several requests in the forum for free graphics. If you particularly like the work of a specific designer, and would like one to design several pieces of work for you, you are encouraged to contact them privately for paid work.

-Please use punctuation and complete sentences.
-Scroll down and hit Post New Topic.

That's it! Come back later and see if someone has responded to your request!

If you haven't received any replies for 48 hours, send a PM to a moderator and we will bump your request. Do not bump it yourself!